Friday, February 02, 2007

The Himalaya in the 1960s

This was being sold on eBay as an original slide--without even being identified as Riverview! The big giveaway is that you can see the Wild Mouse just to the right of it--with its sign visible in reverse. (I corrected the color and spruced up the general quality a bit. And Bill--did you win the bid?)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im not that convinced this is Riverview. I grew up near there. Was there a lot all my life, til I was 18

Many parks had the Wild Mouse. it wasnt an exclusive Riverview Ride.

The reason I dont think this is Riverview. The words "Wild Mouse" Face backwards in the photo. Which means we are looking at the back of the ride.
Anyone who ever felt like there car was going to tip off track and fall into the lagoon, knows the lagoon was on the backside of the Wild you went along that top track in the back.
The Rivera Ballroom and the Wild Mouse were at the end of the island. There was a road between
THE TUMBLE BUG and the WILD MOUSE..that you turned left to head towards the parking area.
You could not go on the back side of the WILD MOUSE.

1:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am 45, and spent many many days at Riverview Park. This is definitely not Riverview.

How can I tell? The Himalaya (replaced the Tumblebug) always had a big sign with flashing lights that said "Himalaya" this one doesnt. And its funny to see the Wild Mouse in the background but its at the wrong orientation as a previous commenter noted. Also, Riverview didnt have a paved street with a curb as in the photo (the Scrambler was directly across in pea gravel)

8:25 AM  

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